Welcome to my blog dedicated to my way of living Bologna!

My Lovely Bologna is my super personal guide to my adorable city, Bologna (Italy).  This city welcomed and adopted me many years ago but I still live it with the tourist’s glance, curious to explore it deeply and getting to know its continuous news.

I will take you around the places that I love and you will come with me during the things that I like to do, keeping you updated with news and events of the city. I will do that absolutely on my own way, with my super personal point of view and I wish you will be wishing to discover it together with me 🙂

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Pranzo Just Eat_Bologna

With “Just Eat” in Bologna food goes from the restaurant to your house in just a click ;)

I love to go out to eat, try new places and meet people. Bologna offers…

Mostra Barbie Bologna_

Between memories, style and legends: Barbie’s exhibition at Palazzo Albergati in Bologna

Of all the toys I owned when I was a little child there’s no doubt…

My Lovely Bologna Fienile Fluo_1

Fienile Fluo, a place with a magical atmosphere among Bologna’s hills

Fienile Fluo is one  of those special places for me in Bologna. It’s hard to…

panorama Bologna Terrazza San Petronio

A special view over Bologna: San Petronio’s terrace.

Since some months there’s a new point of view over the top of  Bologna: it’s…

Orti di Orfeo_2

Lights, scents and flavours of the long summer nights at the Orti di Orfeo gardens

During the long and hot summer nights you can be spoiled for choice on where…

Campo di girasoli Casalecchio Bologna

In the middle of sunflowers fields summertime in Bologna is in a super good mood!

At the end of June and on the first weeks of July Bologna becomes tinged…