At Piedra del Sol for a mexican party night!

Piedra del Sol is a bar that has been on the bolognese scene since lots of years. I remember I went there as soon I came to Bologna for studying at the university and I was struck by the party mood there was there everyday of the week. If you are looking for a “different” night, maybe to celebrate something or someone, this is the right place!

This bar/restaurant, in the city center, has a long story since it opened in 1992 and since then it has always been hold by the same owners and kept the same latin mood, changing a little bit but remaining always the same. An institution in the “fiesta” nights in Bologna! Here the perfect formula is= tex-mex food+ cocktails+ music and cheers!

There are 3 rooms, a bar (with a nice and long counter) and the other 2 for eating with a lot of tables and decoration/ pictures and mexican objects.

I really like these vintage mexican pictures hung on the walls, they make me feel as inside a movie… is it the same for you?

The menù offers simple and tasty mexican dishes so you can have nachos, tortillas, frijoles, fajitas, chili  and lots more… I llove nachos with cheese on top and jalapeno peppers. I could eat them forever 😛 !!!

Piedra del Sol is not just a mexican restaurant but also a latin “free zone”… there are often nights dedicated to salsa, samba and also reggaeton. Actually in the bar zone there’s a DJ’s consolle and at some time of the evening people start to dance till late night 😉

I went there recently with a friend to drink and eat something… the relaxed atmosphere, the kind bartenders, the music in the background was a recharging time for me, after a tiring day. I was there on a Thursday night for the “Locura” night, when they prepare special cocktails with Altos Tequila… I had a “Crafted Paloma”, a revisited version of one of the most famous mexican drinks.

Crafted Paloma: 2 parts of Altos Tequila/ 2 parts of fresh pink grapefruit juice / 1 part of lemon juice/ 1/2 part of agave syrup and a pinch of salt

Next Locuranights, when you could taste these particular tequila based cocktails, will be the 7th and 21st of December 2017,  an occasion to spend a night out during the week with friends and fun!

Usually you can find live music and DJ sessions from thursdays to sundays, but check out their event calendar con their Facebook page.

Thanks to the Altos Tequila’s friends for their super appreciated invite! I really had fun and spent with my friend, chatting and laughing (that is always the best part) a bit “loca”  Fiesta night… one of those night you sometimes just need 😉

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