A different evening in Bologna? The cooking lessons at Otto in cucina’s house!

I really like the world regarding cooking… but I really  not so good for myself in the operative part :P. I have a lot of recipes books and when I am inspired I really like to make desserts or a nice dinner for my friends.

Knowing all the above this year two of my adorable girlfriends made me a lovely gift for my birthday: a cooking lesson’s evening at Otto In Cucina,  a culinary association that organizes food courses and foodlovers events.


Otto In Cucina was born thanks to a great passion, that of Simona Guerra (President and organizer) who has always had a great love for cooking and that at some time of her life decided to devote herself more deeply to the food world opening her house for this lessons and food events. Simona’s main occupation is that of graphic designing and I really noticed soon since her advertising and info materials are really lovely 😉

Otto in Cucina Bologna

Simona’s house is on the road for Bolognese’s famous “colli” (hills), it’s realy welcoming and everything takes place in a big and bright room which is directly open to a big openspace kitchen.  The perfect location for both theorical and pratical cooking part of a cooking lesson for 8-10 people.

We took place to Rita Mezzini‘s cookies lesson (actually my friends know me very well :P); the kitchen is fully equipped and it was really nice to be able to use all the professional tools as real pastry chefs!

cooking kitchenware

Here I am in action,  rolling pin in my hands in front of the class who’s watching me trying to smooth the dough in the right way… do you think I have an aptitude for it?


One of the most fun parts was that of creating the cookies with different shapes, decorating them and put them into the oven. We made 5 different doughs for 5 different king of cookies: orange peels cookies, little donuts, lady’s kisses, salted chocolate cookies and sweet flowers… Obviously during this time someone tasted the dough 😛

Collage biscotti Otto in cucina

Valeria Moschet_ Otto in Cucina

While we were waiting for the final result they offered us a super tasty aperitivo with a glass of prosecco and some yummy specialties (pizza and focaccia) handmade. It was a nice moment for socialization and some talk with the other guests! For ending with the bang we took out of the oven the cookies, a jubilation of goodness and beauty and, as we made them, they had a even more unique taste :)))Quote Kissing and cooking



It was a really nice experience, informal and full of fun that I think I will repeat in the future for sure. Their 2016 calendar is really full of different cooking classes and there’s just an embarrassing wealth of options. It can be a perfect different evening with friends in Bologna, to learn or get better in the culinary art but most of all for haveing fun together in the magical food world. I still don’t feel any kind “Masterchef”… but now I am able to make really yummy cookies 😉

Address Otto In Cucina Bologna

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