A stop at Frida’s flower shop for a dose of happiness and beauty!

I learned to give myself often the luxury of buying me fresh flowers, a real gust of happiness and beauty that comes into my house, even without having any reason for 😉

In Bologna it’s easy to find flowers in a lot of shops and  when I pass by a florist I am like a little girl in front of a candy shop… but there’s a special place that sells them and I always pass by even if I have no time or I have nothing to buy: it’s call Frida’s in via Drapperie,  a vibrant street full of life of the historical center, close to Piazza Maggiore.

Flowers Frida's Bologna

Frida's Flowers shop Bologna

Frida’s is a flower shop chain that you can find also in other cities of Italy where there’s attention to the the smallest details. I really love the brown rough paper packaging, the presentation of the products ( how nice the idea of using old cans as bowls) and the         pairings in the bouquets, very simple and essential but for this reason super stilish. The girls who work there are always smiling and ready for a little talk; I often stop for taking some pictures (really?!?) without buying anything and they always thank me and greet me in a super friendly way (well maybe they recognize me and would probably say… “Here that comes the one of the pictures!” 😉 ).

What makes it very unique is that everyday there are two chalkboards with the “quote of the day”, so funny and lovely! Here there are some… unfortunately there are just in Italian but we should ask also for an English version 😉

Aforisma arcobaleno Chaplin

This flower shop really remind me the style of the parisian florists, from which I think they got a lot of inspiration.

IN Bologna there are other 2 or 3 shops that sells flowers which are noteworthy (one in particular is amazing on arrangments for parties and events, it’s called Oui Bologna, but I will talk about it better in a future post 😉 ), but if you are walking around in the city center this place is a happiness pill even just for the eyes!

Quote Flowers

So now I just have to go to buy my flowers’ bouquet for this week, to have in my house and ready to make me smile everutime I will watch those beauties of nature because, as Emma Goldman said, “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” 😉
Valeria Moschet_Fridas Bologna

Address Fridas Bologna

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