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Hi! My name is Valeria Moschet and I started this new project to talk about, in my own way, the city that adopted me long time ago, Bologna (Italy) <3

Valeria Moschet

My Lovely Bologna is my super personal guide to my adorable city. This city welcomed  many years ago (19ys!!!) but I still live it with the tourist’s glance, curious to explore it deeply and getting to know its continuous news.

I will take you around the places that I love and you will come along with me during the things I like to do, and I will keep you updated with news and events of the city. I’ll  show you places, restaurants, bars, art places or just special spots… Sometimes we’ll experience Bologna’s nightlife but maybe somedays we’ll just live the city in simpliest way, just having a walk without no destination and taking some pictures.

I’d love to share you also my personal thoughts and way of life, so I’ll share with you special quotes or phrases that I write down on my personal Moleskine and usually carry with me in my bag and read them when I need some positive vibes 😉

Love, live, dream quote

There will be lots of new things going on My Lovely Bologna, hope you will be wishing to discover it together with me  🙂

One thought on “About me

  1. Bellissima serata a ranzani 13… grazie a te 🙂
    Prima volta a Bologna e ci siamo sentiti differamente delle altre “scoperse”.
    Ne profiti della Bella – auguri
    Reto (zurigo)

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