Bio’s Kitchen Bologna: where the food is bio, good, healthy and colorful!

In the beautiful via Galliera, with its elegant yellow red and pink buildings, mixed with a simple and traditional spirit from the past, it just opened a new restaurant, Bio’s Kitchen, a place with a unique soul.

Bio’s Kitchen is the second restaurant owned by Terra e Sole, a famous biological supermarket in Rimini that in 2014 opened a restaurant that has had a big success there in Romagna.This project found a new development in Bologna, where in this moment lots of new  and particolar food activities are opening.

Bio’s Kitchen serves 100% biological and certified food with lots of vegan & vegetarian options but you can also find fish or meat dishes. I went for lunch and I loved the buffet with over 40 types of vegetables  (yes, I looooove them)!!!

I swear that the vegan meals are super yummy and they also have particular ingredients like vanilla, ginger and other tastes that usually are not mixed with vegetables. You can also take a paper bag with bread inside, made with special wholewheat flours, that I found really really good!

NB: a 10+ to the vegan desserts…small portions that will not make you feel guilty, but that are super delicious!!! I confess I took 2 though (I am tooooo  greedy :P).

The buffet is sold by weight (2,40€ each “etto”, minimum 5€) so at the end you weight your plate on a scale and take the receipt that then you’ll show at the time of paying the bill. This was thought in a “no waste” mood, to make a conscious choice of what you take for eating. Super right for me ;).

I made myself a really colorful plate that also cheered me up… actually I was also driven in the choices by the colours of my mood that day 😉

We also got 2 veggie and fruits extracts, a real cocktail of vitamins and healthy properties (each day they have 3 different tastes). Me and my friend were so happy about our colorful and yummy table that we finished to had under our eyes!

I really like the lunch formula, so when you want to eat something fast but that it’s healthy and light, this is a perfect option!

Even the design of the place is really nice, not really intimate but with a convivial mood. The  interior decor is super green and relaxing with light wood furniture and a lot of plants. This communicate surely the project’s spirit where the point is living in harmony with the enviroment and especially ourselves.

For dinner you can choose for a  “menù a la carte” with traditional dishes (even tagliatelle al ragù!) or vegetable ones: the main chef, Pier Giorgio Parini (one Michelin star at Ristorante Povero Diavolo in Rimini) created really particula plates with poetic names: to tell you some there is “A tutto chips” (cabbage chips with batata e pastinaca) or “Previsioni del Tempeh” ( tempeh balls and vegetables, soft inside and with a crust ouside made with  grilled radicchio and  tapioca  orange Caviar)… When vegan becomes  gourmet-chic!

At dinner there’s also the pizza option, made with special flours from Romagna, with 48h of rising… I really can’t wait to try them, as I am a real “good quality” pizza lover 😉

I am super happy that lots of new places for eating also in a different and more conscious way are opening in Bologna. I really care for eating well and when it’s possible, in harmony with the environment and eating delicious food, for me is the TOP!

Because the real revolution is…. love ourselves in all the things that we do <3


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