Bologna is more sparkling than ever during the intense ArteFiera’s weekend

ArteFiera is the exhibition dedicated to modern and contemporary art that takes place every year in Bologna since 41ys. At Fiera a Bologna you can find for 4 days the most important art galleries that exhibit and sell artworks by amazing international artist in the arts of painting, sculpture, photography and other visual arts. I like art a lot and I am totally in love with photography (as you could maybe have understood :P), so those days for me are really thrilling and I wait for them to come all year long (last year I wrote about it in this post).

Parallel to the official event at the fair, there are so many events, exhibitions, parties, openings under the program of the so called “Art City”… a super full agenda of things to do!

I wanted to share with you the list of the event “must do”, that in my opinion are the ones not to miss during this weekend… Ready to take notes?

(NB: if you click on the titles of every event you’ll be on their official sites for more infos)

ARTE FIERA (c/o Bologna Fiere):

You must visit the official event at Fiera di Bologna. This year the pavillion are 2 (# 25 and 26), take the right time for enjoying and fall into those famous artworks. I think you need half a day to visit it with no rush.

Don’t miss the 9 galleries (curated by the new, for me amazing, artistic director Angela Vettese) dedicated to photography as a tecnique, even using the smartphone, in order to understand where the boundary between “being” or “feeling like” photographers is nowadays set. With our cells we all sometimes feel like big artists ;)!

I went already for a quick tour during the vernissage in the opening night and I already stepped into the colours and spirit odf ArteFiera… be like me, a dreamer inside the artworks, colours, shapes and those artists’ minds. Here there are some artworks I liked at the first glance 🙂

Farfalle quadri Arte fiera bologna 2017

If you are interested there are also the Arte Fiera Talks, some interesting talks with the artists. Here the program: Arte Fiera Talks


SetUp Fair is an event that really deserves full attention and I maybe put it as my favourite one of those days! It’s the emerging artists’ exhibition that taked place in an abandoned area of Bologna’s bus station, an unusual location that transform itself from a cold city building to a full lively and artistic place! I love new suggestions and art inspirations, especially those who came from “little” or simply not yet well known artists.

Just wander in the little rooms walking along the hallways and let yourself go deeply into those point of views where photography/culture/performance/new sceneries  of the city get along and give us new perspectives 😉

Special film exhibition for ART CITY at CINEMA LUMIERE:

An intense path between movies to understand the twists between movies and art. There are artists’ portraits, documentaries, short films and 3 programs dedicated to Frida Kahlo, Hugo Pratt e Salvador Dalì and to the amazing TV experimentation by  Marina Abramovic, that I love! Saturday night there will be the exhibition dedicated to her… do you know the story about her big and devastating love with Ulay?If not, you’ll get the chance to know it and I am sure you’ll be fascinated by it as I am!


I think that Bologna because of her identity and intense life of those years is the perfect stage for this exhibition: films, shows, short movies for remembering and maybe understand better the ’70 in movies, society and politics.


At Museo di Arte Moderna of Bologna it will take place Corpo Sensibile, Barlumi del documentario, a project made up of 8 talks that  investigate the boundaries between art and documentaries. The event is free up to certain number of participants.

There is also here at the MAMBO the first personal exhibition by the artist Jonas Burgert, with 38 big paintings, called “Lotsucht/ Scandagliodipendenza”.


If you still have not visited the amazing space of MAST this is the right occasion! The exhibition that starts with Artefiera makes videos talk about the social and economical changes of the working world and class during those last years. International artists and suberb location not to miss.

FRUIT EXHIBITION (c/o Palazzo re Enzo):

3 days event with exhibition and selling of graphic artworks and of creative indipendent publishing. New ideas and new visions to touch and see, in a new, young and cosmopolitan mood (Last year I bought here some interesting books). There are also some exhibitions and workshops.

Valeria Moschet Artefiera Bologna 2017

Ther also will be lots of building that will open their doors and patios with visual installation inside (check well because I saw lots of them walking around). Then there’ll be a lot of art galleries, shops, artistic spaces, photography schools where there’ll be exhibitions and openings… I tell you it will be not easy to decide where to go! Just go and follow your instinct as I do, and you’ll find a lot of surprises around Bologna.

Saturday night there also will be the Art City White Night where all of this will go on until late night! For those who wish to party there will be two main events where to go: at  Palazzo Re Enzo e quella al Cubo Unipol (if you click they link you to their event page on Facebook).

Art city white night Bologna

This year you can also use the free bus service called  ART CITY BUS, that connects the fair with all the other art addresses thanks to 15 stops. Here the map and the bus stops:

Mappa Art City ArteFiera Bologna

Ok, now I really have to go and rush to another event! I will for sure take a tons of pics and I will share them on my social networks. I hope I will meet you around our vibrant city especially full of energy during those days, really the perfect location for such an event dedicated to art and creativity :).


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