Bologna is bright with its Christmas Lights

Bologna by night, with the warm gold/orange light reflected by the colourful typical walls of the city, has, no doubt, a particular charm. During Christmas time everything gets even more magical thanks to the Christmas lights that give the city center extra warmth and brightness.

Regarding Christmas lighting this year something has changed, something was the same, something missed (the 2 towers are non illuminated) and something was way toooo much (don’t ask me what but if you understand what I like or don’t and you have been in Piazza Maggiore, you’ll understand! :P)

Here there are some of the pics I took during my night walks, those are the streets and spots dressed of Christmas I prefer 🙂

via Oberdan Bologna Natale 2015

via Drapperie Bologna Natale 2015

The lights of Ghetto Ebraico… no doubt, my favourite!IMG_5693

Bologna center christmas lightsPiazza Santo Stefano in even more magical…Piazza santo Stefano Natale2015

Luminarie Bologna_via degli Orefici

Luminarie Bologna_ Natale 2015

Bologna via Indipendenza Natale 2015

And the amazing Christmas tree reflected into the Neptune’s fountain <3Albero Natale Bologna 2015

Let me know then which are your Christmas Bologna’s spots that make you beat your heart, and…

Bright Christmas_My Lovely Bologna

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