Downtown Bologna hotels: my favorites

If you are planning a vacation in Bologna, one of the first things to organize is where to sleep. If you prefer to stay in the city center, I will help you here with a selection of my favorite downtown Bologna hotels!


I suppose that you, like me, when traveling, want to find the best option for you stay, that will make you totally feel at ease. Maybe you prefer a dream place for living a unique experience, or maybe you prefer something handy and cheaper to be just your “base”, but still you would like the place to have its personality.

To be honest, I do look for a lot of things in an accommodation, so I search patiently online a lot, to find the “perfect” solution for me. I look for special places that can let me live a “one of the kind” time also regarding the accommodation!

Dormire a Bologna

So here it is the Downtown Bologna hotels I suggest you, to live a lovely “sweet dreams” experience 🙂


It’s a 4 star hotel in the very city center with an incredible terrace over Bologna’s roofs! The hotel is family owned since ever and they will make you feel like at home, a welcoming luxury atmosphere you’ll love.

Rooms are all lovely, one has also frescos on the ceiling… look at them! Really amazing:


Then the rooftop terrace is worth the stay: an amazing view over the city all day, but really magical at sunset time ♡:


 Discover Hotel Touring here:


Those lovely family owned apartments has been renewed with great style by two fantastic young sisters. I already wrote about them in this article and I honestly love this place. Look how much vintage+design beauty you can find there:

All the rooms are different from each other, an embarrassment of riches! You’ll feel, coming from all the objects and the whole atmosphere, the soul of the family that had been living year for so many years ♡

Camere l'8Boutique Bologna

Discover l’8Boutique apartements here:


This hotel is a modern and functional, really close to the city center because just close to Porta San Felice. It has a lovely rooftop that make it super special. Rooms are modern and service is quick and world level. There is also an amazing room, painted by the Argentinian artist Liners! Doesn’t it put you in second  in a good mood???

And then here it is the amazing rooftop terrace… I have been there many times and it’s always so lovely! During summertime there’s also a solarium and a jacuzzi bath tub!


terrazza panoramica Bologna

Discover here Aemilia Hotel:


A lovely guesthouse in the city center… but only if you are a booklover!


A lovely and welcoming B&B located close to the train station.

Discover B&B Torte&Lini here


Amazing luxury design rooms, for a special stay. It’s located closed to national Pinacoteca e Bologna’s University.

Discover Casa Bertagni here

Or you can also book trough this platforms, where you can easily find special offers and other interesting accommodations in Bologna:


Let me know if you find your “sweet dreams” special place from the selection of hotels I suggested you here. And if you are planning your vacation in Bologna, do remember to buy also my city guide “Bologna Like Me”, available also in English. You can find it also here on Amazon 😉
Guida Bologna Like Me

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