Fram Caffè: a vintage, bio and super chic place for a break!

There’s a place, in one of the streets who are charmingly changing in Bologna, the so called via Rialto, in which the time stops and where I go for a quick break or to meet someone for some chatting: it’s called Fram Cafè, one of my favourite places in the center of Bologna.

Fram Cafe Bologna_ My Lovely Bologna

At the Fram Cafè you can experience a really relaxed atmosphere, you can have a seat and stay there without anybody annoying, feeling like at one of your friend’s house. I really like to be in the middle of people working at the pc, writing, chatting while having something to drink (well, I give an A+ to their fantastic coffee macchiato, made with super yummy roasted coffee of Caffè Pascucci, which you can’t find that easily in Bologna). Here it fulfills the concept that I have in my mind of a truly cosmopolitan “cafè”, which I personally like so much 🙂

Valeria Moschet Fram Cafe Bologna

There a story behind the Fram cafè‘s naming: in the movie “La leggenda del pianista sull’oceano” by Giuseppe Tornatore “fram” is the sound made by a canvas that suddenly felt down on the floor after a long time having been hung on the wall, a methapor for a sudden and clear moment of change. As a matter of fact Elena, the owner, changed completely her life when she opened this place in 2003, after 24 ys of working in the fashion field; what she wanted was to create for herself a better way of life more in sincronicity with her needs.

Fram Cafe_Bologna

Fiori Fram Cafe

In this place you can really feel vibrating ideas, love and memories. Every detail is looked after  and inspiring: the ones I prefer are the little hanging cage with inside papers full of handwritten wishes of change and the “Gratitude Jar” in which you can put the reasons to be thankful for… who doesn’t have them? At Fram’s they help us to remind it 😉

IMG_3986 copia

Anyway I really love all their vintage furniture that is soooooo nice… kitchenware, sofas, accessories, tables, chairs from the 70’s just make me crazy ’cause I really love them all!

Talking about the food, Fram Cafè offers a 100% biological menù with a selection of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and, above all, they offer healthy and natural food. If I go there for lunch I usually eat the Vegan Burger or a slice of their super yummy chique, but you can find other really good and light meals. If I go for a morning or afternoon break (the so called italian “merenda”, love when I can have it!) I indulge myself with a slice of cake: the vegan carrot cake, is sooo good… Try it and let me know!

Anyway I suggest you just to have a look at the chalkboard over the big sofa or at the counter.. sure you’ll find your perfect foodie inspiration 😉

An other really nice thing of Fram cafè is that they hold every month some little but interesting photography expositions. I think they complete perfectly the artistic and stylish mood  of this place, which is really a hidden treasure in the more and more unique via Rialto (I will write soon other posts regarding other places in this area, about legendary ones but also exploring new nice openings).

Fram Cafe_mostra fotografica

Now I just have then to go and have my lovely macchiato with my friend and relax, looking outside the colourful street of this city 🙂

Caffe Fram Cafe

Address Fram Cafe Bologna

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