Lunch break in Bologna: my 7 favorite addresses

For lunch time it happens me very often to be  in the city center. Alone or with someone, I really like to have the lunch break in a lovely place, eat well and healthy while surrounded by a cozy atmosphere, even for a quick pit stop. (I will not include in this article typical trattorias and restaurants, places where I prefer to take my time and go during the weekend or for special occasions!)

So here it is the list of my favorite places for a lunch break in Bologna 🙂

Bio’s Kitchen (via Galliera, 11)

I already wrote about this place here some time ago when it opened, ’cause I loved it since then. This biological restaurant offers, for lunch break, a totally vegetarian  buffet with a huge amount of dishes’ choices. You serve yourself and then you weight your place on a scale, take the recipe and then pay the amount at the end at the counter; in this way you pay actually for what you ate, with no food waste. I adore the green inspired interiors, with all the plants pending rom the ceiling and wood everywhere… really uplifting!

 Waikiki Pokè (via degli Albari 2/A)

Time ago I ate in Milan, for the first time, a poke bowl and I immediately loved it! Even though we had to wait for a while, from this year even in Bologna some venues that offer those rice bowl with various ingredients that you choose to add, have opened. I tried mostly them all, but for me the best address  is that of Waikiki Pokè.  They have some tables if you wish to eat there, but for me it’s a perfect option for take away (NB: I love their salmon tartar that never miss to be in my bowls!).

 Sfoglia Rina (via Castiglione, 5/B)

If you want to eat traditional bolognese food this is the perfect address for you for lunch break, with amazing fresh homemade pasta! Everyday here is made, by skillful hands, fresh and filled pasta that then will be cooked like at grandma’s house. I really love that you can eat in the big shared table. Two problems: there is really often a long waiting line and you won’t be able not to buy some food to take home from their shop (nb: their passatelli are really amazing!).

In Cucina Bistrot (via De’ Toschi, 9)

Really close to Piazza Minghetti, the most “Parisienne” square of Bologna, there’s a lovely venue that for its atmosphere and mood will make you feel a little bit like in Paris <3. Apart from being a cafe and a tearoom, they offer for lunch break really good meals made by the chef with first quality ingredients. A perfect place for take a total break and relax for a while :).

Zoo (Strada Maggiore, 50/A)

If you are USA lovers you’ll find here a food offer that you’ll love. In this cute venue, with an artistic soul and full of things to observe (or buy), you can buy yummy bagels, burgers (even vegan) and close your meal with one of their fantastic pieces of American cakes. I really love their avocado, salmon and mustard bagels!!!

Botanica Lab Cucina (via Battibecco, 4/C)

Botanica Lab is the kingdom for vegan and raw food. Here you can find a really tasty cuisine and that is good for your body (skeptics have to try first!). I love their lunch break menu that changes every week; the varied buddha bowl is really good, but my favorite plate is for sure the vegan spring rolls! For drinking do order the aromatized water of the day <3. The venue is lovely, tastefully furnished with vintage pieces and botanic theme frameworks… really photogenic!

Zazie (via Malcontenti, 13- via D’Azeglio 23/B- via Giovanni Amendola, 2)

Zazie‘s addresses are the perfect places for those who love fruits and vegetables. For lunch they offer two choices of the meal of the day, usually soups in wintertime or cereal salads in summertime, that you can dress with all seasoning you find at the counter. The venues are really tiny, perfect for a really super quick lunch or for a healthy take way. Try their smoothies, I love them!

Now you just have to try them all and then tell me what is your favorite! 🙂


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