My top 7 favorite pizzerias in Bologna

Are you also a true pizza lover? I really feel super Italian about this… I would eat pizza almost everyday! Let’s say I control myself or my scale wouldn’t be so happy 😛

Once a week, though, I dedicate a dinner to pizza, so it really has to be super delicious to satisfy my super craving for it. In Bologna there are lots of really good pizzerias, traditional one or by the slice (to those I will dedicate another blog post),  old school ones or gourmet… let’s say it was not really easy to decide the ones for this list but, those ones for the mix of taste, quality, atmosphere are really the ones I prefer.

So here it is my list of the top 7 favorite pizzerias in Bologna!

BERBERE’ ALCE NERO (Via Giuseppe Petroni, 9 e c/o CC Le Piazze Castelmaggiore)

I start the list with one of my really favorite, of which I have been a regular client for years at first in Castelmaggiore and then in the city center. Pizza here is kind of gourmet, a really light dough and it is served by slices with different gourmet and seasonal toppings. This place has been putting the quality first and this gave them a big well-deserved success!

BIANCO FARINA (Via Domenico Zampieri, 36)

You can find this pizzeria in the Bolognina, an emerging “alternative” neighborhood which is offering lots of new interesting food places. It’s Pasquale Penne’s house, a famous neapolitan pizza chef. The interiors are really really simple and the mis en place is made with paper tablecloth, but this makes it particular and let you feel like in a real authentical place. The pizza is really delicious, as a matter of fact lots of the ingredients comes directly from Campania, as you can see from the menù. The dough has a super long  rising (36hrs) and so its a guarantee of well digestion. (NB: here you can not book, you come and wait outside on a line for your turn!).

SCRAMBLER DUCATI (via Stalingrado,27)

The perfect location for those who love Ducati motorcycles, in particular the Scrambler model to which is dedicated this place. The interior decor is made of a mix of industrial furniture and motorcycles’ pieces + a real one too! They offer classical round pizzas but also  “pizza alla pala” that you can share ; high quality ingredients, light and super digestible. An informal place perfect for a night out with friends.

RANZANI 13 (via Camillo Ranzani, 13)

This pub-pizzeria has a long story in Bologna and it has been always super loved, with its gourmet pizzas with high quality ingredients and super creative toppings. There are lots of beers from which to choose, so it’s a perfect place also for beer lovers ;). Really easy going atmosphere and kindness, maybe it’s a little bit of a noisy place, but it’s a perfect place for an old school Italian pizza&beer night!

BANCO DEL VINO (via Goito 3/G)

This “enoteca“(wine bar) has a lovely and welcoming atmosphere and it offers in its menù also some really delicious pizzas, with soft and digestible dough. There are 6-7 options that also changes with seasons, but those are super good and with really high quality ingredients. Perfect for a romantic night but also for a night with friends+ wine+ long talks ;). The staff is suer friendly and makes you soon feel like home.

PUMMA’ (via Murri,103)

I suggest you this place to find one of the best expressions of gourmet pizzas in Bologna. They offer a perfect sourdough made with high quality Italian flours; also, for the different pizzas they pair a specific different olive oil. You’ll find lots of creativity for the toppings, so it’s perfect to go there like in 4 people so you can share 4 pizzas and taste different flavour combinations. The place is really cute and well managed with high level service. Prices are a little higher compared to other pizzerias, but there are good quality reasons for it.

STORIE DIPINTE (via Emilia, 166- San Lazzaro di Savena)

I went a little far from Bologna towards San Lazzaro di Savena for suggesting this address because it really worth it. Storie Dipinte is a pizzeria with really lots of beers also artisanal and it’s the small sister of Ranzani 13, so you’ll find A-Plus pizzas! Long rising dough, soft and super digestible. There are also always off-menu options with delicious pairings and seasonal options. I tried also the “steamed” pizza, a king of super light focaccia that I loved. A kind of noisy place, but cheerful ;).


FORNO MOLLICA: it’s the Michelin star Ristorante Marconi’s  bakery. I put it outside the  list because it’s located in  Sasso Marconi (Bo),  half an hour far from Bologna’s city center.  Here you can taste an sublime classical round pizza , made with passion and top ingredients; you can eat it at the tables inside the bakery.

In addition to those  there would be other addresses to talk about, but I gave you my real personal top list! Try them all and let me know which ones you prefer! 😉




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