Welcome to my blog dedicated to my way of living Bologna!

My Lovely Bologna is my super personal guide to my adorable city, Bologna (Italy).  This city welcomed and adopted me many years ago but I still live it with the tourist’s glance, curious to explore it deeply and getting to know its continuous news.

I will take you around the places that I love and you will come with me during the things that I like to do, keeping you updated with news and events of the city. I will do that absolutely on my own way, with my super personal point of view and I wish you will be wishing to discover it together with me 🙂

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Kitchenware pastry chef

A different evening in Bologna? The cooking lessons at Otto in cucina’s house!

I really like the world regarding cooking… but I really  not so good for myself in…

Madonna OnoArte Bologna

The Rise of a Star: Madonna’s early photoshoots at OnoArte Bologna

“Living in a material world and I am a ma-material girl” oppure “Get into the…

Via Indipendenza Natale luminarie 2015

Bologna is bright with its Christmas Lights

Bologna by night, with the warm gold/orange light reflected by the colourful typical walls of…

Mercatini Regionali Francesi Bologna Valeria Moschet

Christmas in Bologna is “tres jolie” with the french street markets

For those who love France and especially french food specialties there’s an event you can’t miss:…

Caffe Fram Cafe_Bologna

Fram Caffè: a vintage, bio and super chic place for a break!

There’s a place, in one of the streets who are charmingly changing in Bologna, the…

Bologna By Night

The Prendiparte Tower: an amazing and romantic Bologna from the top!

This summer I had a truly exciting experience that, even though I have been lving…