Romantic Bologna: places and tips for lovers

When we think about Italian cities that can be perfect for lovers we usually think about the classic destinations like Florence and Venice or Rome, but Bologna has a romantic soul that I got to discover during these years. The city center’s little streets, its light by night, the steps where to seat and the two towers can be some of the perfect ingredients for a romantic movie scene or simply of our life.

So I’m going to suggest you some of the most romantic places that will make you fall in love (or fall in love again), perfect spots if you will be around in the city for Valentine’s day.


Cineteca Bologna

Cineteca di Bologna is a place full of charm with its old movies’ archives, libraries, exhibitions and movies’ workshops. It’s a place where time stops with the newly discovered past’s fascination. Go for an essai movie at Cinema Lumiere, the cinema that you’ll find there, have a walk hand by hand in the little square and maybe take a picture kissing each other close to the lovely one you’ll find on a wall picturing Marcello Mastroianni e Anita Edberg 🙂

Muro Cineteca Bologna


Probably if you think about the most romantic city in the world it Venice would come up in you mind… well, in Bologna you’ll find it also! In via Piella, a street of the historical city center, you’ll find a magical window where you will be able to have a look at a little Venice!

Finestrella via Piella Bologna

What you see is the Canale delle Moline, a watercourse that in the Medioeval times was able to produce energy for 15 watermills of the city! If you go the other side of the street you’ll find another lovely spot:

Scorcio Bologna via Piella

How not to be enchanted by this suggestive view? Magical and romantic!


I already wrote about Torre Prendiparte in a previous post , but I really have to talk again about it since it is an extremely romantic place!

If you want to spend a night with your lover you can rent the tower, have a special dinner inside (through a catering service you can choose)and spend the night on its rooftop looking at the city’s lights and at the stars, maybe wrapped under a cozy blanket. Be aware: here there’s the risk of having too much romanticism there 😛

For sure you’ll fall in love of the amazing view you have from the top of it!

Due torri by night Bologna

San Luca Bologna


An activity I really love to do, at any season and at any time of the day, is having the long walk under the amazing porticos that lead to the Sanctuary of San Luca.

Portici San Luca Bologna

Surprise your lover (that has to be a little sporty though 😉 ) and at the sunsetime go for this romantic walk. I suggest you to start from Meloncello’s area, which is in my opinion the best place to start. Secretly take a bottle of wine and two glasses and when you get at the top surprise your date with an unforgettable aperitivo in one of the most special spots of Bologna 🙂


One of the places you can’t miss for admiring Bologna from above is the panoramic terrace of San Michele in Bosco. From Porta San Mamolo, going up along the panoramic tree lined driveway, the rouad will soon lead you to this place where Bologna seems even more beautiful! Take a seat on the banister and watch the city hand by han with your lover, you won’t need any words… it will just be magic!


To end this romantic day in Bologna obviously you have to have a special dinner for two tasting bolognese specialties. As you probably already there’s a super wide choice and I made a little personal selection of places I have been and liked and that fit perfecty for a lovers’dinner…

Romantic table

Hope I gave you the idea of how to spend a heartbeating and full of butterflies in the stomach day or a night in Bologna, being part of the amazing scenario that the most romantic party of my city can offer <3

Happy Place love quote

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