The best places to admire autumn foliage in Bologna

Yes… we are into fall season! I really love summertime, so the time when warm weather leaves us are usually kind of difficult for me… but nature is super generous and compensates giving us a wonderful show with its bright autumnal colours :).

Bologna is a city full of trees that you can find in the public parks, in the houses’ gardens and of course on the surrounding hills. I really love admiring the trees’ leaves changing their colours, and I impatiently wait for this “show” to begin… Here I give you some tips of where to find the most beautiful and colourful foliage in Bologna 🙂


The most famous public gardens of the city give us amazing spots, thanks to the colourful plants! There are various maple trees, cherry trees and cypresses that located in the elegant park are really beautiful.

A really lovely spot is the one you can have from the cafè’s dehor, with the colourful trees reflected on the water and the ducks swimming. I assure that you will find yourself in front of a beautiful fall postcard 🙂

ORTO BOTANICO (via Irnerio 42)

For sure there’s no better place for finding lots of botanical species! This green lung of the city center (that is also one of oldest botanical garden of Italy), that is 2 hectares large, it’s perfect for a relaxing walk and for admiring autumn colours. Here you can also find maples, ginko biloba, the liquidambar ( you know that little red leaves star shaped? Lovely!) and lots more!


Villa Ghigi park, located few kilometers far from Porta San Mamolo, is a real “green” paradise of the city. Here there are lots of trees’ species in its 28 hectares and that are looked after Villa Ghigi Foundation. Walk in the little tracks and lose yourself in the colours that the wood and the tree plants will donate you.

I found a paradisiacal spot, that bench that’s close to the fig tree… what an enchanted place! Leave me here, kissed by the sun and with Bologna’s panoramic view 😉


I know well this neighborhood park because it’s located close to where I live, so sometimes I go there for jogging or for a walk. It’s not really big but there are various well cared trees; I recommend it though because there you can find 10-15 Ginko Biloba trees that at their maximum foliage moment create and amazing yellow show that will take your breath away! It seems like being inside a movie, trust me… don’t miss it!


The amazing Ginko Biloba’s  tree that you can find at  Largo Respighi is so beautiful that ha become super famous and shot in pictures. Maybe it’s because it appears suddenly in between the buildings, maybe you don’t expect it… but everyone who sees it fall in love with it when is full of super yellow leaves!


If you are in the city center I suggest you to admire the view watching in between the trees from PARCO DELLA MONTAGNOLA on via Indipendenza, such a Parisian spot, isn’t it?

Or what about the yellow-gold magical corner in  PIAZZA SAN DOMENICO… doesn’t it look like a painting?

Now you just have to lose yourself in the fall colours that mixed to the city’s ones will be a show that will warm anyone’s heart <3

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