The Rise of a Star: Madonna’s early photoshoots at OnoArte Bologna

“Living in a material world and I am a ma-material girl” oppure “Get into the groove, boy you’ve got to prove, your love to me”.

Aren’t you able to stop singing songs like those if you think at the debut times of Madonna? I think I literally consumed those audio tapes with this incredible songs! If you love like me the 80’s full of glam and out of all the schemes and you want to jump back in the past together with the “Material Girl” who really created those part of history, I suggest you to go and see the photo exhibition“The Rise of a Star: Madonna” at the OnoArte Contemporanea gallery in Bologna.
Madonna mostra OnoArte Bologna

This collective exhibit of pictures of Peter Cunningham, George DuBose e Deborah Feingold will be there until the 10th of January (there are few days left, so hurry up and fix it in your agenda 😉 ) and it goes through images, some unpublished, of the first artistic period of the girl who next became a real super-superstar.

Valeria Moschet mostra madonna OnoArte Bologna

The pictures you’ll find are really cool and regard the first photo shootings of a really young Louise Veronica Ciccone, alias “Madonna”.
Madonna OnoArte Bologna

In the OnoArte’s gallery you can really make a jump into the past with a (sometimes shy) Madonna of the first 80’s. The photos by Peter Cunningham you will find  there come actually from a work of 1982,  a photo shooting the photographer took to this unknown girl who went there alone and dressed her up alone putting on a studded belt that hung loose over the pants. Fantastic! These pictures really make me crazy!

Do you remenber then of this famous pic of Madonna seated on a stairway? I found out this pic was taken during the same shooting of Cunningham of 1982, that the church is the one of S.Antonio da Padova in the Greenwich area of New York and that this stairway is also famous because it was also shown into the movie “The Godfather”.
The Rise of a star: Madonna mostra OnoArte Bologna

The photos of George DuBose, a photographer well known at that times for shooting the New York’s nightlife, come from the same period (exactly from 1981) and regard a concert of Madonna at the club “Danceria”, while she was singing and dancing on a recorded tape being on stage just with her brother and a black dancer. Those pictures in black and white are really beautiful and intense and I really never had seen them…

Foto Madonna George DuBose

Then you can find the portraits of Deborah Feingold, maybe the most famous pictures that are exhibited. I imagine you also have already seen there somewhere… what do you think about them?

The Rise of a star: Madonna mostra OnoArte Bologna

I think those pics are somehow really sweet and spontaneous, a Madonna still a young girl and marvellous. And then… what a look! It remember me a lot of the period of the cult movie “Desperately Seeking Susan”! Hands up who has not watch it! I also bought the videotape at that time and I think I watched it at least 10 times… the movie was not such of a kind, but Madonna’s looks and the soundtrack were really TOP 😉

Valeria mostra Madonna_ OnoArte Bologna

I suggest you to go to visit this photo exhibit, it’s really worth it! There are not so many pictures but those ones are really beautiful, then you can find at the shop some interesting photobooks with Madonna’s pictures and some gadgets and obviously some records in the music area.

Gadget Madonna_OnoArte Bologna

If you haven’t been already to OnoArte Contemporanea, this is a good time to get to know this active and interesting gallery/shop, where you can find every month some new exhibits 🙂

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