Welcome To My Brand New Project “My Lovely Bologna”

Hello there! My name is Valeria Moschet and I welcome you on my new project/blog on Bologna (Italy), the adorable city where I live since many years :).


As a matter of fact Bologna has “adopted” me because my origins are in Veneto (a region in the north-east of Italy), but I moved here for studying at the University 19 ys ago and, even if I have gone around a lot, I’ve always come back here! Even if I truly still love my homeland (where I go as soon as I can) I’ve always chosen to stay here because Bologna welcomed me and seduced me deeply and I now feel a part of it.

There’s a little story about the reason why I chose this city, and now I am gonna tell it, surely making you smile: in my teens in the ’90ties I was soooooo in love with a singer from here, Luca Carboni, so I really used to implore my parents to take me to his concerts here, since he didn’t use to come often to the area I lived. I liked Bologna at the first sight and thereafter, during the following years (even though with different music tastes), I started to visit with my girlfriends, for days of shopping and fun and then I just felt in love! So, when it came the time to decide which University to choose, I had clear ideas ;).

Valeria Moschet_ Piazza del Nettuno

I think that Bologna is one of those places which you can really call”crossroads”: there is a lot of people who come here and stop for long or short times and a lot of stories interlace with each other. For some reason I can’t really well explain it is so enchanting, with its warm colors and the serenity of people who live here. Ok, not all is pink, but I have no doubts that if you get to know deeply this city you can’t keep it in your heart.

In this project I want to talk about “my” Bologna, in a charming and colorful way (as the balloons in my pics 😉 ), giving some ideas and suggestions to people who’s coming here: some friendly advice on what to do, where to eat&drink, where to have a walk maybe discovering places I like which are not maybe in the traditional touristic routes. I will take you around while I do what I like and I go in places which make me feel happy as a “Bolognese Girl”, still with the glance of a tourist which I still am in some way 😉

I wish you will be happy to follow me in this new and exciting adventure which I have had in my mind for a long time. Ready to discover “my lovely” Bologna?

Valeria Moschet_Bologna muro colorato


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