L’8 Boutique: adorable vintage chic apartments in Bologna!

When I have to sleep away from home I am always seeeking unique places, that make me feel home but also make me  experience something new.

Often they ask me where to sleep in Bologna and I always try to answer keeping in mind what I would myself like to find: a lovely place, easy to reach, better in the city center and that have that “something” special. There are a lot of nice options in the city, from the more classical hotels to more easy going places. But there are also special places, small and charming chic B&Bs  that tell stories about their families and the past… and those are the one I love deeply 🙂

Today I’ll let you discover a special “home” of which I totally fell in love at first sight: 8 Boutique Design Apartments, a new B&B in Bologna’s city center.

The story of those 8 aparments starts from a family history, as the two owners Francesca and Federica are two cousins who, at a certain moment of their life, decided to quit their “safe” job and to invest in a whole new project: the renovation of a family owned building, where their grandparents and aunts lived and where they spent lots of beautiful momemts of their childhood.

The building where 8Boutique is located was built 1700and in the past was a a monastery, the Convento di Sant’Andrea,and then at the end of 1800 was bought by Francesca and Federica’s forefathers.This building is really fascinanting, really essentianal and simple and I think those are clearly traits of its essence and use in the past that walls still comunicate to us.

The 8 rooms are all different, one more beautiful than the other, whith different caracteristics of styles and colours.

All the object that you can find in the rooms come from their aunts and granparents home furnishing, those are amazing and you can not fall in love with them!!!

Chic, classy, full of good taste and personality… I love all the apartments! I was enchantec by all this beauty and good energies those rooms release!

To me, in those apartments the past met the design in a perfect mix… every spot is a perfect photografic set!

What I also really like about Federica and Francesca’s work is that they deeply love their city Bologna, and they are willing, with this project, to offer a special hint of glamour to the tourists. They also want to collaborate with unique activities and operators of Bologna, maybe really small, but that can give a special value to the experience of staying in Bologna.

They have also already organized little interesting events and also art expositions during Arte Fiera‘s week and thay have “in progress” lots of other projects that connect culture, art and experiences of bolognese life in all its aspects. You can also find art pieces in the rooms.. what about this lovely photo made by a photographer, friend of them?

They girls followed my blog and socials and we perfectly where in full sintony regarding our tastes and way of living Bologna, so we soon wanted to collaborate together! I reveal you in advance that we have lots of projects we will carry on together. For now here is is the first “goodie” for mty readers:

If you book a room using the code MYLOVELYBOLOGNA  you will receive a special treatment upon your arrival, a super glamorous aperitivo in your room + one of my shoppers to go around with in the city!

And no doubt… the projects made with passion and love, like this one, vibrate of beautiful energies that are going to conquer your heart <3

2 thoughts on “L’8 Boutique: adorable vintage chic apartments in Bologna!

  1. Greetings,
    I wish I had seen your article prior to booking at L’8Boutique (which I did a few minutes ago), but I’m SO EXCITED to experience the magic of this stay! I’m from Berkeley, CA USA and own a Vintage Clothing Boutique called Caviar & Cigarettes. Headed to Italy in a week for a mother/daughter trip and I won’t be getting much sleep until I take off! Your blog has been helpful with my research and so I wanted to say thank you. I’ll be spending 3 nights in Bologna in this gem!

    1. Dear Blondie, so happy my blog was useful! Do anyway tell the girls you booked reading my blog I am pretty sure they will deserve you a special welcome! That’s funny, but I just came back from a trip in the San Francisco Bay Area and also Berkeley ;). Hope you’ll like Bologna, but I am pretty sure you’ll do and you’ll love staying at the L’8Boutique! 🙂

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