Losing yourself into a world of art and colors: The “Van Gogh Alive Experience” arrives in Bologna

During the last period Bologna is so super full of art events and expositions! After the worldwide success in Australia, USA, Russia and Rome (where it was a smashing success) the multimedia and interactive exposition “Van Gogh Alive- The Experience” has got also in Bologna. This is not a traditional exposition with the original artworks exposed, but there are about 3000 images that are projected by 50 high definition projectors that make you live a real “experience” inside Van Gogh’s artworks.

What makes this show (that lasts around 45 minutes) so special is also its setting: this multimedia experience is set inside an ex church, the  “Ex Chiesa di San Mattia” on via S.Isaia, that after restoration is nowadays an amazing place for art expositions, meeting and other cultural events. Images are projected on big white panels but also on the church’s walls, on chapels, on the dome… A game of colors and music inside spaces that will enchant you!

A thing I really liked is that also some Van Gogh’s quotes, extracted from some letters he wrote to his brother, are also projected on the walls along with the images. His words are emotional and inspiring, as only a super passionate and maybe a little trouble soul can give birth…


This is a lovely trip together with Van Gogh, going through the places that had been part of his private and artistic life: from Holland, to Paris during the impressionism, Arles, Saint Rémy and other places where he did his artworks. It really seems like going inside and through various sceneries, that can be places or artistic atmospheres, with music variations that create the perfect mood :).

I love when art/ tecnology and amazing cities’ sites become one and let us experience the joy of art and pure beauty that really fulfill the hearts :). Ready to get into this 360° exciting experience?

From 4th of May 2017 untill the 30th July 2017

Mondays-Thursdays 10.00 – 20.00, fridays and saturdays 10.00 – 23.00, Sundays 10.00 -21.00. Last entrance 1 hour before the closing time.

Tickets: €14/ reduced €12

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