Palazzo di Varignana’s resort: a relax oasis on the bolognese hills

The hills around Bologna are such a  precious place! Just some kilometers far from the city you can immerge yourself in super relaxing natural sceneries. I love those smooth hills and really like to drive the car around them with no destination, maybe go to a typical restaurant to eat something or maybe taking a ride with the bike or going hiking.

In between those hills, south to Bologna, you can find Palazzo di Varignana, one of a kind resort, a perfect for a getaway 30 minutes from the city that is more than a resort with a SPA.  As a matter of fact this hospitality project began with the renovation of the historical Palazzo Bargellini Bentivoglio aged 1705, and is going on with other recoverings of various buildings and houses of this area.

When you arrive and you drive through the big garden gate, it seems like entering a noble mansion of the past that looks more as a little village than a resort. Palazzo di Varignana is actually made up of  the main historical building, modern houses that host the guest rooms and an big villa (the amazing Villa Amagioia, that was an ex rich entrepeneurs’ house), all perfectly integrated in the natural setting.

Look at Villa Amagioia‘s pool??? Is this paradise? 😛

The resort is surrounded by a big and beautiful garden that is also part of Grandi Giardini Italiani ‘s network. It’s such a pleasure to walk between the fruit trees, the olive grove, the vineyards (they also make their own marmelade and oil!) and the amazing gardens hidden among the buildings.

I totally fell in love of this “secret” garden, an magical place where it must be enchanting to spend a summer night seated under it, with the the light bulbs on. I visited it during fall and the pictures’ colours speak themselves <3

The beauty SPAis absolutely one of its strong points: welcoming, never too crowded, with Turkish bath, sauna, various whirpools and a lovely pool with the view… but I really fell in love with the external pool! Can you imagine the sensation of being inside a hot tub with  hot water (while outside is freezing), enjoying the jacuzzi maybe under a sky full of stars (as happened to me) ? TOP of the TOPS for me!

Rooms are super nice, I stayed in the new area with design rooms (as I love) and with a lovely view over the hills… when you open your eyes in the morning, you open the curtains if you have that vision you have it all! And the breakfast waiting for you then is the perfect goodmorning!

I spent there a romantinc weekend but this place is also perfect for relaxing  getaway with friends! To be honest I would spend there even a week, disconnecting the phone… if  in the future you will be not able to contact me anymore, ask then there 😛

The SPA and the summer external pools are opened (with a previous reservation) even to those who don’t sleep at the resort, so do the two restaurants (one is more elegant, the other is also pizzeria gourmet) and the lounge bar.

So if you just want to spend some special time even for a day or a night this palce has all the options 🙂

This place really made me fall in ove so it conquers aplace on my super personal list of my “Top Lovely Places” and I agreed upon special booking conditions for my readers who wish to make the “experience” of Palazzo di Varignana.


If you tell/insert while booking the code MYLOVELYBOLOGNA you’ll have  a 10% discount on your reservation!

For booking call 0039 05119938300 or write an e-mail to

Let me know if you’ll visit this relax, beauty ancd charme oasis on bolognese hills and if you’ll fall in love of it like me >3

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