Christmas in Bologna is “tres jolie” with the french street markets

For those who love France and especially french food specialties there’s an event you can’t miss: the French Regional Street Markets in Piazza Minghetti 🙂
From the 28th of November till the 20th od Dicember everyday from 10am to 8pm, in a location that can truly remember a spot of Montmartre, there are those little wooden houses selling every kind of french specialties.
Mercatini Francesi Bologna

I have been many times in France and I can tell that this market is perfect if you wish to smell french perfumes and taste real french food. The wooden houses maybe are with no big personality and they are already seen in all the others christmas markets… but what is inside is really “tres bon”! A triumph of french food like baguette, brioche, macarons, french cheeses of every kind, oysters and champagne, spices and other sweets. There are also stands that sell other things (the one with soaps is really nice), but everything is actually about the amazing french gourmand specialities.

Valeria Moschet Mercatini Francesi Bologna

As being a glutton, I have done a lot of “tasting stops”! How can I describe you the “boulangerie” stand? I bought there a pain brioche that is incredibly yummy and I am eating those days for breakfast. The bread is also very very good, I chose a cereals’ baguette that usually it’s hard to find with the same consistency and taste here in Italy. And at the end, just because I had to taste for being able to write this post in the most completely way as possible (:PPP) I got a chocolate chips and cream roule and a pain au chocolat… Actually I was at the point of buying all the stand 😛

Boulangerie francese a Bologna

Boulangerie Bologna

For those who want to have”seriously” lunch or dinner there is a stand with huge pans always on with inside various dishes (this kind of stand is typical of the northern France fairs) that you can eat directly standing there on a little shelf. For the aperitivo time it’s perfect to stop at the oysters and champagne’s stand ( I don’t like oysters but those who tried them said they are really delicious!).

In the central area there are other two stands that sell sweets: don’t miss to buy for you or for someone special the Pain d’Epices (a cake with honey and spices) typical of the christmas time, some Tete de Choco ( a choco covered whipped cream with various tastes) and some really authentic macarons ( I give an A+ to the ones currant and champagne!) 😉

pain d'epices Bologna

Mercatini Regionali Francesi Bologna Valeria Moschet

After this super sweet and yummy stop now I better go for a looooooong walk all around my beautiful city, all dressed up for christmas (in the next day I will post an article with a collection of all the pictures I made of the city with all the christmas decorations). And obviously…

Joyeux Noël My Lovely Bologna

Address Mercatini Regionali Francesi

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